Session 1 9:00-10:00 - We Love our Chromebooks! But it's not about the device. (Or, is it?)

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Devin Schoening
Twitter: @dschoening

Session 2 10:15-11:15 - Competency-Based Education

Muscatine Community Schools are piloting competency-based education in multiple classrooms K-12. The presentation outlines the state's process from conceptualizing how CBE might look in Iowa to the current work of the CBE Task Force, including their preliminary recommendations to the Legislature. Muscatine's process is included in the slides, and the presenters will share additional information upon request.

Handout from the session

Presentation slides

Andrea Stewart
Twitter: @ajs_stewart

Chanda Hassett
Twitter: @cvhassett

Session 3 11:30-12:30

Session 4 1:30-2:30

Session 5 2:45-3:45