Session 1 9:00-10:00

Copy of the PowerPoint can be downloaded from

Session 2 10:15-11:15

Session 3 11:30-12:30

Archived webinar of similar content, delivered in March 2013- you can also download the iBook "Self Publishing Using iBooks Author" here:

Session 4 1:30-2:30

Session 5 2:45-3:45

We mentioned several tools that are used throughout the district. Here is a list of some websites you might check out:

  • Voice Thread - students can collaborate on a presentation using voice, video or commenting.
  • Prezi - a non-linear presentation tool.
  • Padlet-They give you a blank wall, you can use it for anything! "It's simple, yet powerful".
  • Glogster- Digital posters, students can incorporate video, music, text and graphics.
  • Today's Meet- A back channel for the classroom, presentation or meeting.
  • Edmodo- Free and simple online management tool. Great for students, parents and teachers!
  • Socrative - "A smart student response system"- great for checking understanding and tickets out the door!
  • ReadWriteThink - Provides a lot of resources for teachers in reading and language arts areas.
  • Wordle - For the visual learners! This creates word clouds based on the words you give them.
  • Google Sites - *used for the Webquest shown in presentation; Google Sites can be for the classroom, student or personal use. An easy intro to web design for anyone!
  • KidBlog - Safe blogging for students.
  • - Can create an appropriate private classroom mobile social network.
  • Little Bird Tales - Fun tool for students to record and create books. They create the image and then record reading the story.
  • Story Bird - Creative platform for students to create and combine art and writing.
  • Blogger - Google tool for blogging.
  • State of Iowa Library Resources - Sign up for a State of Iowa library card - gains access to several great databases for students to use while doing research!
  • Turn It In - An academic plagiarism checker for students (and teachers)!

Apps mentioned in the presentation:
    • Sock Puppets
    • Splash Math (All Grades)
    • Doodle Buddy
    • iBooks
    • Flash to Pass (Math)
    • Spelling City
    • Futaba
    • Scribble Press
    • Sushi Monster
    • Little Writer for Kids
    • Number Math
    • Silly Sentences
    • Inspiration
    • Tic Tac Toe Phonic
    • Nearpod
    • Addition!! Subtraction!!Multiplication!!Division!!
    • Ninja Chicken (prim and composite numbers)
    • BrainPop Jr.
    • iWW (letters)
    • Scootpad
    • Numbers and Bubbles
    • Word Domino
    • Grammar Wonderland
    • Word Wonderland
    • Virtual manipulative
    • Math vs. Zombies
    • Appsfire (free websites)